Monday, February 2, 2015

Pearl + Babesia

What is Babesia?
You may have heard it before because it's a disease humans can get, yet dogs can get it as well.
Babesia is a blood illness passed usually through ticks and often found in dog fighting rings.

Pearl is a small pit mix that unfortunately has this disease.
She came from a dog fighting ring in Texas where she was more than likely used for breeding instead of fighting. She likes other dogs but can't be with them unless both are muzzled because of her blood illness. Babesia can't be passed from dogs to human but can be passed dog to dog.

Even though she is currently not on any medication, Pearl may have a shorter life span because of this illness. She could possibly have "relapses" which means she could get seizures, or become anemic, or become lethargic, or various other symptoms. 

It's a shame, because Pearl is one of the sweetest dogs I know and she's only hard to place because she's unable to live with other dogs and cats, plus her future medical care could possibly increase depending on what life throws at her.

Do you have a home where Pearl could be an only dog? Maybe your home would be right for her!
We would love to see this wonderful lady in the right and perfect home this year!

Learn more about Pearl and adoption here

Side note: The antler Pearl was playing with in this mini photo shoot will be sanded down before she actually gets to fully enjoy it.