Friday, January 13, 2017

Back to the Gypsy that I was

Happy 2017! Maybe a new year will motivate me to update this more frequently.

I feel like so much has happened recently. For Christmas, Johnny surprised me with tickets to see Stevie Nicks. That woman is my spirit animal, she was absolutely amazing. I recently found this star print jumpsuit that was so Nicks and inspired this self portrait shoot, I couldn't resist. Also the fact that I now own a romper when I hate them so much just goes to show how much I'm opening myself to new possibilities this year.

A few other things that have been happening:

+ I've started exploring Wicca and Witchcraft again. Before you guys get your panties in a twist, no it's not about worshiping the devil. Pagan religion focuses on a nature based religion, respecting the earth, elements, and all those around you. Do what you will as long as you harm none. I practiced when I was in middle school and then got distracted by... well growing up really. Recently I had a few signs over the months and an itch I needed to scratch so I joined up with a school, found a wonderfully inspiring group of people, and slowly doing solitary practice. There's so many kinds of witches and wiccans, I'm still doing my research and trying to define exactly what my calling is, reading a lot of books and such. However my crystal collection is growing and Johnny blessed me with a wonderful tarot deck so I'm learning every day!

+We have decided to adopt Quiche, our little blond crazy Chihuahua mix foster that nobody seems to want and yet fits into out household so perfectly. We also have a new foster named Sprocket. I was one of the only people able to touch him at the shelter, he's an older fellow with 5 rotten teeth and heart failure. Poor guy. He's been with us for about a week and just started meds so we remain hopeful for him. If his heart failure turns out to be terminal though, he will stay with us for as long as he lives.

+ Can't begin to express how much I love my new department at work. It's not always easy, having to make those choices of who passes to adoptions and who doesn't. However I love being able to work with the animals that need that extra TLC so I can try to get them shelter side. I've been filling in for someone on maternity who is finally back, so now I'll be solely focusing on my Playgroup position. My job literally consists of watching dogs play together and making sure everyone gets along. Seriously, I get paid to watch dogs play. I'm a lucky girl.

+I'm finally going through photos from last years WPPI shoot that I never got a chance to edit. About time right?

My goals for 2017 are pretty simple. Keep rescuing, find inspiration and motivate myself back to photography, keep learning and growing as a person.  Keep searching my crystal visions.

Romper: Charlotte Russe (currently on sale!)
Dreamcatcher: Thrifted
Hat: Thrifted


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  1. Stevie Nicks is the best, for sure. I love the photoshoot. I also love you for being wonderful and taking care of those sweet animals!


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