Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snapshots Lately 3/14/17

How's it going everyone? It's eventful as always over here. It's barely Spring but already feels like summer which means I'm layering on the sunscreen and overheated after every playgroup but it's worth it! I'll be honest, most of these photos are a few weeks to a month old. My phone had an untimely accident with my bubble bath and I'm waiting for my replacement to come in. So older photos will have to do.

The shelter is busy as always, spring means puppy and kitten season. We had a newborn bull terrier puppy dropped off not too long ago (who I'm babysitting above). She was the sweetest thing and born with a deformity where she is missing her front legs. She's luckily gone to a rescue and seems to be doing really well! I also celebrated a year of working at the shelter (feels like so much longer!) , cuddled a variety of cute pitties, and we made Quiche an official part of the family on Valentine's Day. She even got her own photo shoot to celebrate!

To drive my boyfriend even more nuts... It looks like I'm adopting a special needs cat within the next few days. Don't worry, we are still at legal limit with our pack of animals and this little guy couldn't find a rescue which means if I didn't take him, nobody would. Johnny's really ok with it, I swear! Since I've just come to realize that I gave Quiche more of an intro then I did for Marceline when we adopted her (and she came first!), I'll post something special for the cats of the family once he's here.

Sprocket is also still with us. It's turns out he has chronic heart failure and then gave us a very scary day when he had some kidney issues. However he is now spunky as can be and doing so well. Hopefully after his next checkup he will be adoptable but for now he remains as our single resident foster.

That's about all I think there is to catch up on for now! Hope everyone's enjoying the extra sunshine and longer days, I sure am!

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