Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Homeward Bound

As much as I love to dress up, you will usually find me in jeans and a t-shirt. I'm a comfy/casual lady. Hence why I tend to really invest in cute tees. I freaking love this shirt. Not only is it really comfortable but you mix one of my favorite childhood movies with Drake lyrics and it's a done deal. I could hear the song in my head the whole time I was taking these photos!

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger (old)
Glasses: Old (Similar)
Scarf: Thrifted (Similar)

Things that have been making me happy lately...

+ Seeing Coheed & Cambria for the 15th time and finally playing my favorite song!
+ Buying our tickets for Dashboard Confessional/TBS tour... So stoked.
+ Trying out MrBlancTeeth whitening strips and they actually work. Bring on the coffee!
+ Having my car finally looked at after the accident, fingers crossed.
+ Trips to Trader Joes
+ Lot's of puppy adoptions at work and the Great Dane we currently have, she's so sweet.
+ Having a REAL day off for once!

Hope you're all having a great day!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bullet Journaling

Have you heard of Bullet Journaling? I came across a post recently that talked about it and I was so inspired by it that I immediately went out to pick up supplies to start my own! A bullet journal is basically part planner, part journal. It's a very organized system to keep track of absolutely everything in your life. My mind is in constant chaos and I've always wanted to be more organized but in a fun way that will keep me interested enough to keep up with it. Bullet Journaling has been that for me so far.

You can use any kind of journal to start. There's an "official" one you can pick up here or I've seen these highly recommended. However I just picked up a basic one from Barnes & Noble to start. I also picked up some Faber-Castell pens from Michaels and that's really all you need to begin!

First off, I apologize for my terrible small handwriting. I'm hoping that writing in my BJ will help improve that one skill that's been escaping me forever. How I passed kindergarten I'll never know, can't draw a straight line or cut straight. I'm just a mess. ANYWAYS.

So your Bullet Journal can be broken up by spreads. This is my monthly spread. I started towards the end of March and that's the beauty of this thing, you can start and stop whenever you want to. So I have the days listed and then broken up by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Below is my little key for tracking what is what and on the side are my Monthly Goals for that month. It's not the prettiest monthly spread but I'm not exactly really artistic when it comes to drawing and such... Another skill we are hoping to improve.

Here's my very first Daily Spreads. You can break these up however you want and you'll see that my Daily's changed soon after this. If you miss a day, don't worry about it. Just pick up where you left off. I have a Key page in the very front of my book as well as an Index so I can always find whatever pages I need, it's very convenient for my Collection pages mostly.

In my Daily's you'll find tasks and events I want to take care of for that day. I've always included the weather and sometimes dinner if it's something I want to remember making again or tracking for weight loss. Tasks with a dot in front of them are tasks that need to be done. One's with an X are completed. One's with a circle (O) are Events. And arrows (-->) are Migrated Tasks that I haven't finished yet and are being moved to another day. Notes are taken with a dash (-).

I really love updating my journal at the end of the day. I fill in the weather icons, leave any notes for that day, fill in my habit tracker (which I'll get to), and set up the following days header and then add in my tasks for that day. The next morning I will add in anything I forgot and then start tackling my day!

I also love the Collections idea for your BJ. I have Collection Pages for Blog Post Ideas, Books to Read, Hashtags I use and want to remember, and records I want to add to my Vinyl stash so far. You can really make any kind of Collection page you want! I also have a Habit Tracker page to track certain habits that I want to stay on top of. I didn't take a picture of it since I'm constantly crossing things out and adding new ones so it's not really the prettiest one this month. A few habits are days that I don't eat Red Meat, days I make time to read, days I spend editing photos, doing yoga or working out on the treadmill, or how often I post on my blog. You can track anything you desire!

Your Bullet Journal will constantly change and evolve as you find things that work better for you and cut out things that you don't like or don't work. As you can see, my Daily's have already changed a bit in a style I like better. You will also make mistakes so don't stress it! As a perfectionist, that's hard for me to deal with but in the worst case scenarios... Like when those doodles don't turn out... Just put a sticker on it! Worst case scenario, have a sip of tea and a deep breath before letting it go and moving on to the next part of your journal. There's no such thing as a wrong Bullet Journal. Mistakes happen!

So what do you think? Would you try Bullet Journaling?

If you want to find out more about Bullet Journals, check out the official site or Boho Berry, she was the main inspiration that made me want to start my own.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friday Foxy Things

Happy Friday everyone! So excited to have a REAL Friday since I have the day off tomorrow, woohoo! I've been crushing hardcore on a whole bunch of stuff lately and since it's also payday, I may have to splurge just a little bit on some more decor for the house. Here is what I'm feeling lately...

I love all the art prints from Oh Gosh Cindy. I still want the Buffy one and the David Mitchell print but I couldn't resist this one from my favorite bad movie ever, The Room. If you haven't seen it... You have to. Trust me.

This shirt is coming to me soon in the mail and I'm going to wear it everyday. 

I'm already feeling the heat here in Vegas and this dress looks perfect to wear in the warmer weather with a sports bra.

+ Here's a great article on why I'm glad Cesar Milan is being investigated for animal cruelty charges. I have never been a supporter of his outdated training techniques.

+ Have you heard the great news? SeaWorld is finally ending it's orca breeding program! This is a great step in the right direction.

+ We finally bought a kitchen table! I love our little pub table from World Market. It was a little too tall for our space, however Johnny has skills and was able to cut the legs and make it shorter. Now it's perfect! Dining room table is next but now we don't have to eat on the couch!

+ Bohemian Bunnie is wearing the most beautiful dress!

+ These are the next plants about to go in my garden. I have a retaining wall along the brick fencing  so I need big plants that can actually be seen PLUS I'm trying to make the backyard look as green and English as I possibly can. These guys are gonna help me so much in attaining that goal.

+ I think these little Easter Egg Bud Vases are a really cute idea on decorating our mantel.

What have you been feeling lately?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Snapshots Lately

It's been a whirlwind week. We have been running a promotion at the shelter so while some long time dogs got adopted (yay!) it also brings crazy situations into play. We had a dog fight yesterday which always takes a toll on everyone and then I got into a car accident on the way home from work. So that really sucks.


The good stuff that happened this week:
+ The finches moved into a bigger cage! Makes me so happy to see them have more space.
+ I wrangled a rooster for an adopter and it surprisingly went well.
+ Dinner last night with Johnny at my favorite sushi place to make up for my bad day.
+ Bambi got adopted! She had been at the shelter for a long time so that made me happy.
+ I haven't had a chance to work on images from WPPI but I'm seeing some posted from other photographers and I'm itching to start.
+ I finally painted my desk that will go in my office space. It's called Griege (Gray/Beige) and I'll probably share that in a future post.
+ There's some big changes coming to the shelter and some of them I'm involved with! I can't share anything just yet until the formal announcement comes but I'm very excited for it.
+ I'm also sprucing up my photography business and I'm in love with my new logo!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Pillow Cases: Gypsy Warrior
Tapestry: Society6

Today was absolutely crazy. Promo days are always kind of nuts at my job, however today was jam packed to the point that I wasn't even able to take my lunch break. I'm totally ok with it though. I love being busy and so many dogs got adopted by good families today. Made all the chaos worth it. Even though I deal with crazy people and get stressed a lot of the time, I really love my job. I bounce back from an irritating or stressful situation much faster than I ever had in previous careers. Not to mention, I feel like I'm valued by my workplace which is such a different and wonderful experience, one I've never really had in any other  job. My knowledge and talents are actually appreciated! 

It's so nice to come home after days like this one and find my boyfriend cooking dinner, dogs taken care of, and the house cleaned. I guess I'm feeling a little mushy, just really feeling grateful for everything I have going for me right now. Not to mention that our bedroom is finally giving out bedroom vibes, no more completely blank spaces on the wall. (Try not to notice the stray hot cheeto on the nightstand). Now I'm not done with it yet by any means but it's just so NICE to come home to a quiet room with twinkly lights and just de-stress, even if that means scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for an hour to see what I missed. And while I have a ton of photos I need to edit for clients and the WPPI shoot... It will have to wait.

I may be boring you guys but hey... I'm just really digging my space and surroundings and the good things in my life which I've been really struggling with for awhile. I'm starting to come out of this heavy fog that's been over me for months. Can't really tell you how or why the clouds rolled in to begin with since I'm not honestly sure myself, all that matters is that they are lifting. You have to seize those good days and hold on to them as tightly as you can and I'm doing just that! 

Sending out my good bedroom vibes to yours beautiful people. <3

P.S. Guess which side of the bed is his or mine. Clue... Jasper loves my side. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Camels & Lace

I've been so sick you guys. The doctor thinks it could have started as allergy problems that turned into a virus or just a mix of both. Either way, life hasn't been so fun for me for the past six days. However, it didn't stop me from attending the Cactus & Lace WPPI shootout in the Valley of Fire. I'll be sharing more about it in a later post once I've edited more photos but I had to share just one for now because it was that amazing. I mean.... WE HAD A CAMEL. A REAL LIFE CAMEL. One of the best stylized shoots I've ever been a part of!

Hands down, the highlight of my day was petting him and feeding him carrots. His name was Siyed by the way and he was HUGE.

Stay tuned for more on the shootout or follow me on Instagram or Facebook for sneak peeks!