Sunday, March 13, 2016


Pillow Cases: Gypsy Warrior
Tapestry: Society6

Today was absolutely crazy. Promo days are always kind of nuts at my job, however today was jam packed to the point that I wasn't even able to take my lunch break. I'm totally ok with it though. I love being busy and so many dogs got adopted by good families today. Made all the chaos worth it. Even though I deal with crazy people and get stressed a lot of the time, I really love my job. I bounce back from an irritating or stressful situation much faster than I ever had in previous careers. Not to mention, I feel like I'm valued by my workplace which is such a different and wonderful experience, one I've never really had in any other  job. My knowledge and talents are actually appreciated! 

It's so nice to come home after days like this one and find my boyfriend cooking dinner, dogs taken care of, and the house cleaned. I guess I'm feeling a little mushy, just really feeling grateful for everything I have going for me right now. Not to mention that our bedroom is finally giving out bedroom vibes, no more completely blank spaces on the wall. (Try not to notice the stray hot cheeto on the nightstand). Now I'm not done with it yet by any means but it's just so NICE to come home to a quiet room with twinkly lights and just de-stress, even if that means scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for an hour to see what I missed. And while I have a ton of photos I need to edit for clients and the WPPI shoot... It will have to wait.

I may be boring you guys but hey... I'm just really digging my space and surroundings and the good things in my life which I've been really struggling with for awhile. I'm starting to come out of this heavy fog that's been over me for months. Can't really tell you how or why the clouds rolled in to begin with since I'm not honestly sure myself, all that matters is that they are lifting. You have to seize those good days and hold on to them as tightly as you can and I'm doing just that! 

Sending out my good bedroom vibes to yours beautiful people. <3

P.S. Guess which side of the bed is his or mine. Clue... Jasper loves my side. 

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