Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Day

For some reason I feel like my friends and I have reached that certain age of laziness. Laziness meaning that nobody seems to want to ever go out or do anything out of the norm. It's incredible annoying. I had been trying to organize a group to go out to Mt Charleston and play in the snow for the longest time where I finally just had to take matters in my own hands and go by myself.

I hate doing things alone. 
I've made one of my New Years resolutions to be more independent and self-sufficient (which I'll get into another time) so I headed up to the mountain with just my camera and trusty Murderface, since Jasper hates the snow he stayed home, and went to have a snow day.

It was different, not exactly in a bad way.
Took the first self-portraits of 2014,
First portraits period with my lovely new extensions!

 Someone had left this glove behind in a snow bank.
Murderface was thrilled with this newly discovered toy.

Looking forward to another snow day soon!


  1. Did Murderface bring home the toy? XD

    1. Haha he did not! He forgot it in the excitement of running back to the car

  2. It's amazing how happy a day can be for a dog that finds a glove in the snow. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Thank you! Snow is his favorite thing!


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