Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wide Open Spaces

First "official" trip of 2014 took place on Monday.
My Mom and I drove to Ely to visit family for a quick day trip, my Aunt and Uncle own a ranch out there.
I made sure to become acquainted with the animals as soon as we got there, I felt like Noah leading animals to the ark as all the cattle, horses, donkeys, cats, Guinea fowl, and chickens followed me around the property.
It's a really pretty place but way too far out from a big city for me to ever want to live permanently. 

I was obsessed with this little farm cat. She was so sweet and clawed her way up my leg to get to me. 
I wish I could have taken her home with me!

Like I said, it was a super quick trip to just see some family while my Mom is in town.
I'm always glad to see that Vegas horizon, no matter how long or short my time away is. 

P.S. I'm still really excited that I'm going to England!!!

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