Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Double Trouble / March Playlist

I mentioned in my last post that I might be adopting a Special Needs kitty. Well... He's home!

Meet Marshall Lee. He's a cuddly cat who likes to knead on your chest and give kisses on your face. Marshall came in through a confiscation case. There's only so much medical we can do at the shelter so when it became apparent that he had some sort of issue with his back legs, he wasn't able to be an adoption candidate. I waited to see if a rescue would step forward. They didn't. Knowing how sweet he was, I knew he deserved a second chance. So instead of being euthanized, he came home with us a few days ago after being neutered. Today was his first appointment with my vet. Speculation is either back trauma or neurological issues. Even if we spend an arm and a leg for x-rays, we wouldn't be able to fix him if the bones have healed wrong. That's if the x-rays even picked up anything. Neurological problems are very costly and hard to diagnose. So what we all decided was to leave him be. He can walk and jump (he just does the Bambi on ice thing where his back legs splay out or don't catch up with his front). He eats, drinks, and goes to the bathroom normally. He's just a little on the wobbly side. Unless his condition or quality of life worsens, he's happy to live his life as normal as possible.

Marceline wasn't so sure about him at first. Oh wait... You remember her right? This was the little kitten we ended up keeping last year when I fostered a litter. She's grown quite a bit since then and she's a handful. Her favorite activities are wrestling with Quiche and watching us shower. Her obsession with water is very strange. Also, you get cool points if you get the reference on their names!

Anyways, she was curious about her male doppelgänger the first couple of days but would hiss when he came up to her. Luckily Marshall is an easygoing fellow and just ignored her. The easiest way to intro cats is to make sure they both have separate safe areas where they can be kept away from each other. I only ever let them socialize when I was there to supervise. If Marceline became agitated, I removed her from him and tried as much as possible to end any interactions on a positive. Introducing cats can be harder to do then dogs, that's for sure. It's really important to try and find a suitable personality match before even adopting. The last three days, they have been spending time together and greeting each other properly. It went easier then I thought it would to be honest. 

So we are very happy to have another addition to the pack. That makes 3 dogs, a foster dog, 2 cats, 2 finches, a rat, and a hedgehog. WHEW. Quite the menagerie we have! I think it's safe to say our animal family is complete for awhile.

I also thought I would end this post with a playlist of songs I've been listening to on repeat lately. Sometimes I can go months without listening to new music. However I've been coming across a lot of good stuff lately and wanted to share it with everyone. I've already got some of my coworkers hooked!


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