Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {Pets}

Most of you remember Nymeria, the border collie I rescued after being dumped at a Nevada Power Plant and took on as a personal foster to get her healthy again. You can find the whole story here and then realize why I had to choose her for this Photo Challenge.

The Before pictures were taken on my iPhone the day I picked her up and took her to the vet, the After photo... Well you can see the huge difference (in her and picture quality). She's like a new dog. She's learning to chase balls after watching my other border collie play, loves to cuddle with me, and she enjoys going on walks now that her paws have healed. We are still working on her fear of strangers (men in particular) as well as her extreme separation anxiety but luckily someones usually always home in my house so she's never alone for too long. 

Nym is still currently in my care but she is looking for a forever home. We would love to keep her but my big guy and her are having a hard time getting along if there's not enough space between them so we are def keeping the door open for someone who might be able to give her more than we can but she won't go to just anyone!

Photo Challenge Submission


  1. He looks incredible! Well done and bless you for the work you doing.


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