Sunday, November 2, 2014



So I'm currently writing this from cloudy Kanab UT where I've wrapped up my first week of my internship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I spent my first week in Dogtown, learning how to be a dog caregiver and what goes into training and rehabilitating the dogs in my specific section. I have yet to meet someone here that I don't like and I even ran my section, The Gardens, by myself the last morning because of a mix-up which I think happened for a reason so I could perhaps prove to myself and staff that I'm meant to do this. 


The dogs here are incredible. There's Bruno, the large gray and white Pit Bull Terrier who is incredibly smart and stubborn and instantly became one of my favorites. There's Sinatra, the Australian Shepherd with beautiful blue eyes (hence the name) whose extremely shy and avoids being petted. He has to be hand fed to help him bond with humans and prove we aren't so bad and he will come up to you and snuffle your hair if he's curious and comfortable enough. Beautiful Pearl, another Pittie, who suffers from Babesia which is a blood disease she contracted from a fighting ring in Texas but is the sweetest little gremlin I've ever met. Then there is Nita, a bouncy and lovable American Bulldog mix who thinks she's part cat. I wish I could take them all home with me.


I loved every minute of being with the dogs and I'm pretty sad that I can't spend my entire internship there. However the good news is that this week will be spent in horses, my other favorite area, and I also summoned my courage and put in an application to be a Dogtown caregiver. Fingers crossed.


All the dogs seen here are currently for adoption. 
You can find more info/adopt here: Best Friends Adopt a Pet-Animal Sanctuary

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  1. Beautiful dogs and beautiful photos. Go you for using your talent to help them in their quest for forever homes <3



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