Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peace, Love, & Pitbulls

A few months ago, a local Las Vegas Bully rescue was shut down leaving 30+ dogs homeless and in danger of ending up at the high-kill shelter. Luckily all of the dogs made it into temp foster homes or into boarding but unfortunately the story hasn't ended happily with many pups still needing permamnt foster/forever homes.

Rollo was one of the dogs in need of rescue who was suffering from emotional seizures due to the kenneling environment. I took him on as an independent rescue and have desperately tried to find him a long-term foster or adoptive home with little luck. 

It's hard when the dog in question is a 90lb Pit Bull. He's an incredibly big goofball and is a lover...Not a fighter. It's his size and intense golden eyes that seem to throw people off, judging the cover before reading the book. Yes, he is particular about the company he keeps with other dogs but with people it's not an issue. He's a large puppy that needs basic obedience training and consistency after being in boarding for so long.

I did this Peace, Love, and Pitbulls shoot to help find Rollo his forever home and to show that even a 120lb girl can handle a lovable 90lb gentle giant.

Please share Rollo's story. 
He's available in the Las Vegas area for adoption but out of town adoption will be considered for the right home. Email jessicaraquel_e@hotmail.com if interested. 

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