Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Weekly Wishes


1. Sign up for Beyond the Wanderlust WPPI Shoot Out
    I've been meaning, for so so long, to get into a workshop or shoot out this year and I finally made a   
    deposit on one coming here to Las Vegas! So excited!

2. Build a new photography website
    I did this yesterday! It's about time I got a professional website for my business! I really love it and 
    I'm still debating on paying for the domain name since it's a pretty long url. Don't really have the 
    extra cash right now though. Check it out!     

3. Start studying for math placement test
    This is the very last class I need to take ever to graduate college. Unfortunately my SATs expired, I 
    haven't taken a math class in over 10 years, and I'm terrible at math. So apparently I have to take a 
    placement test to get into the math class I need. It's really stupid but as my Capstone Course class for 
    this semester doesn't start till April and it's only 3 weeks long… There's no excuse not to get this over 
    and done with. So I need to start studying.

4. Sign back up for riding lessons
    My trainer wants me back and I think I'm ready to get back in the saddle again now that things have  
    calmed down a bit.

5. Send in application for summer internship for Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
    Put in the mail today! Fingers crossed!

6. Study Italian
    I bought some Italian books a few months ago and was determined to learn the language. They've 
    been sitting on my desk collecting dust when things went haywire and it's time to put my mind to
    it again.

7. Stick with Resolutions
     My resolutions this year besides the usual going back to the gym and eating better are to be more 
     independent and self-sufficient. This includes doing more things on my own without always 
     needing a friend or significant other around. Getting my shit together including a part-time
     job since photography isn't finacially stable yet and I'm always broke which will also 
     hopefully lead to me finally being able to move out on my own. 27 and stuck with my
    grandparents.. Not that I mind it really because I love them but still.. I'm almost 30. It's not
    cute. Also to travel more and I'm already well on my way with that! Hawaii in a few months
    for my Aunt's wedding and London in the fall!


This weeks wishes photo was taken during my snow day while following one of my resolutions of doing more stuff on my own and being more comfortable being by myself. You can see more photos from the day here

The Nectar Collective


  1. so i got to be a model for one of the beyond the wanderlust photo shoots they did out in portland you will love it!

    1. No way! That's pretty cool! I saw one that they did in Portland and I really wish I could have made that one, any excuse to go to Portland.. I love that city so much.

  2. Good luck on your weekly wishes! I just checked your photography website and wow, your pics look amazing! I love photography, but always have a hard time capturing people at their essence! You did a great job at doing that!

    Your travel plans sounds great to me! I've been having travel on my mind for the last few weeks and it's always great to see where others are going!

    1. Thank you very much! I always love hearing others feedback of my work!

  3. I have been thinking about starting a photography website as well but don't want to spend the cash quite yet. One of these days for sure! Look forward to checking out your work though.

    Cheers from your newest follower via Bloglovin,

  4. Learning a new language is always exciting. All the best!


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