Sunday, June 2, 2013

All The Stark Feels...

If you're a Game of Thrones fan that hasn't seen the latest episode or finished the third book, be prepared for serious SPOILERS.

You guys... We have to discuss the Red Wedding. 

I finished all the books last year and let me tell you... When I read the Red Wedding chapter, I threw the book across the wall. I was bawling, no joke. It was a serious WTF moment and I was in one of those grieving emotional loss of character funks that lasted for a few days... I didn't pick the book back up for a few weeks... I was that distraught.

So, knowing fully well what was coming, you would think I would be prepared.


I still fought back tears watching it, my friends being ten times more devastated since they had no idea it was coming. Of course someone died that wasn't suppose to (according to the books) and it's also worse in the books according to what the Frey's do to Grey Wind and Robb's bodies...

Can we also just take a second to acknowledge the fact that Lord Frey is Mr. Filch from Harry Potter? So basically all the torture he dreamed about at Hogwarts came true.

You're still a Squib you jerk.

But seriously, my fellow GoT fans and friends... I can joke because I've accepted the Red Wedding. 
It doesn't mean I'm not still devastated. I am. So much.  And it's ok. It's totally ok to be mourning over a fictional character. And believe me, you are sooooo not alone. One look on Tumblr and Facebook supports that. This is probably the most messed up thing that's ever happened in any book, tv show, or movie I have ever read/seen. 

Just keep in mind that the North remembers. Winter is coming.

And hey... Daenerys is still alive so hooray for that!

If you've been sincerely affected by the Red Wedding or having your favorite character killed off, leave a comment. Consider this a RW support group.


  1. I finished the third book this week and oh my goodness you should have seen the text messages I was sending to my friend whose book I was borrowing that day. It was intense. I might have started crying at work...

    1. I pretty much died inside when I read it. I legit had an argument with my book.

  2. For some reason this didn't get me the way I thought it would, but it was super sad. I don't know if you watch Boardwalk Empire, but I felt like I needed to like, talk to a counselor after one of the last episodes of that show's most recent season. And also a few times in Mad Men.

  3. Love your blog!!! I'm coming from Olive and Ivy!

  4. I had NO idea what was coming (haven't read the books yet) and I was absolutely shocked and gutted. Definitely didn't sleep that night. And the fact that Arya was like, 100 feet from seeing her mom again...ugh. Terrible. Olive and Ivy sent me!

  5. I get you, the Red Wedding was so traumatic, probably the most traumatic part of Games of Thrones yet.


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