Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's Bikini Season!

I haven't kept up with my gym schedule, I mean seriously slacking on working out. I also ate six brownies yesterday. I'm not joking. Surprisingly, even though I'm not as in shape for summer as I wish, I don't feel too bad putting on my new bikini. I have a swimmers build which was great when I was competing in swim team and lifeguarding but sucks now since my ribs are huge and obnoxiously stick out. It is what it is and it hasn't stopped me from getting in the pool everyday since Vegas hit 100 degree weather. 

Bikini season. It can be a nightmare. I use to buy the super cute/super cheap swimsuits from Target but then I had to stop because my boobs were late bloomers and got pretty big and I can't wear any top that doesn't have lift because HELLO! My boobs are totally real and need some help! That's why I totally don't mind dropping $100 at Victoria's Secret for a good one.

I can never complain about a Victoria's Secret bikini. They are always well made and always look good. It's one of the few items I know will fit when I order online. Of course I still have my swimsuit from last year, also VS, but it's practically a requirement to have a new suit every year in Vegas. I absolutely fell in love with this polka dot green one and had to have it. 

See, what is with my lungs? They are cray cray. And my poor tattoo could use a color touch up but I'm not mentally prepared for that trip yet.

Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Not sure

So if you have boob issues like I do and can't get away with wearing those bandeau tops, I highly suggest investing in a VS swimsuit. I promise you that it's worth it to feel as confident as I do.... Even after eating six brownies resulting in a brownie belly. 

*This post is not sponsored in anyway. Bikini purchased with my own finances.


  1. Love the bikini! Never had VC bikini, its quite hard to get hold of them in the UK.

  2. I love the one you got! Super cute :D

    I hate wearing bikini tops that don't lift. It's just.. ugh. I have so many from Target that I can't wear anymore. I wish I could buy swimwear from VS but they don't carry larger sizes. I've lusted over their Miraculous collection. The best swim tops have the same support like a bra plus it looks all flattering haha.

  3. Hello, I'm Jessica :) I found your blog through the blog hop. I am looking forward to following your blog, its so cute! Happy to have "met" you!! You should check out my blog at


  4. can we trade bodies? I think my butt would grow another two sizes if I ate six brownies hahah


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