Friday, June 28, 2013

Checking in

My brain is mush after midterms this week and I can't come up with an inspiring blog post for the life of me so instead I just wanted to leave a quick update with some awesome things going on.

1. You guys, my tribal session is being featured on Beyond the Wanderlust today! Take a look! I'm so happy to be featured on a blog that I greatly admire.

2. I'm giving away ad space in a fun summer giveaway hosted by Crissy @ Candypow. She makes these super adorable plush animals and you can win a little plush fox! You know how much I love foxes.... Hurry and enter now! I also have a little feature over there as well so go say hi to Crissy!

3. Speaking of ad space, I still have plenty of space for July. Use the promo code SUMMERFOX for a $5 off discount. Find my Sponsor Info here.

4. Thank you to everyone that knew I was having a rough day and sent me stuff through email and Twitter to make me laugh. Between you guys and watching Community all day, it totally worked. You guys rule. 

5. .....It's pin up Robert Downey Jr.

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  1. Funny photo. Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Block Party!


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