Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {June 2}

First SHS of June! This week was an open hunt, all photos were the photographer's choice. So here are my favorite five photos of the week.

I took this pic of Stealth during my Tulsa trip but just got around to editing it this week.

This flower stem is completely covered in spider webs. Located right outside my window. Lucky me.

 Sinatra enjoying a rare moment on the bed undisturbed by the pups.

Those beautiful Vegas summer sunsets are back!

What inspired you this week?


  1. stopping by from SHS, love the photos, great images. My favorites are the summer sunsets!

  2. The horses eye - wow! Love all the sunsets!!

  3. Each of these are quite lovely. Great perspective on the horse, sweet silhouette on the cat, and seriously beautiful sunsets.

  4. Such beautiful sunset shots.
    Your kitty looks so content.
    My favorite of your set...that amazing shot of the horse.

  5. Neat persepective on your photos this week, Jess. I like the horse picture the best. Great use of shadows on the sunset shots.

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