Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {June 16}

It's been a great weekend, the week itself dragged by kind of slow but the weekend kept me busy with photo shoots and bbq pool parties with friends. It's 2:30 here and I just got home from hanging out with friends by the pool... Man I love summer!

Before I go to bed, here are my interpretations for this weeks scavenger hunt. I'm missing two prompts since I really have nothing to fill in those slots this time..

This is how most of my summer will be spent.

A shot from my shoot this weekend, I had so much fun with Cally and I loved that she doesn't take herself too seriously and can have a good time.

Pool sesh!


  1. those a great photos, sunglasses always make me feel like summer.

  2. Love that headdress in Laughter!

  3. Great shots! visiting from SHS. Have a super weekend. :)

  4. Wonderful shots.. I had a tough time as well this week.

  5. I wish my summer was going to look like that. Enjoy it. Trust me, when you get older, that just doesn't happen.

  6. Nice summer and water shots. Wishing I was your age again and able to wear a cool bathing suit like that. - Fun shot of your friend for laughter.

  7. Ahh, just seeing your photo in the pool makes me want to go swimming again! Enjoy!!

    Visiting from the blog hop. I'd love for you to swing by mine and check out the latest:

  8. Such amazing photographs :) Stopping and following from The Collective blog hop :)

  9. Very beautiful photos! I'm always so amazed at people's abilities to capture such beautiful things in photos!
    New follower from the blog hop :)
    But First, Coffee


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