Friday, June 14, 2013

Geek Chic

Now you've all met girls out there that claim to be huge nerds but if you aren't wearing oversized glasses that are ACTUALLY PRESCRIPTION with no care to your personal appearance and you live for anime then you probably aren't, actually, a nerd.

What you are, dear friends, is Geek Chic. And we are all a little Geek Chic.

For example, I have an Adventure Time Finn the Human footy onesie that I like to wear for fun. It's pretty much the most comfortable thing ever even if it's doesn't have a buttflap. I sleep in this. Next to my boyfriend. And force him to spoon with me in it. That's geek chic.

See. I wouldn't lie to you.

I've always been into RPG's and I love Skyrim, I think it's the best video game ever. I have long conversations with my friend Mike about it and we send each other Skyrim memes. I could spend hours just playing video games and there have been times when Kris is in the kitchen making dinner because I'm too busy in the middle of a quest to stop. Geek chic.

I like to dress up when I go out but 90% of the time I'm in sweatpants. Geek chic.

I obsessively collect anything that's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In high school my walls were completely covered in Buffy memorabilia. I've toned it down now that I'm considered an adult but believe me, I still have everything. And that also goes for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, and so many other wonderful things. I spend loads of time on and other fansites. Geek chic. 

Because I find stuff like this hilarious.

Geek chic.

I also have to mention that one of my biggest pet peeves is girls that wear fake glasses. You know, the glasses with plastic lens that girls wear to try and look hipster. I've had intense discussions about this because it bothers me so much and every person I've ever met that NEEDS glasses to see, including myself, hates it. Glasses aren't cool, they suck. I can't drive without my contacts/glasses. It would be amazing to not have to put in contacts to be free of glasses off my face. NOT GEEK CHIC.

You guys, I was a Pokemon Master at one time. I even went to a competition at the mall to battle other kids and I WON. I never told my friends but I was so pleased with myself. Geek Chic.


You can still be fabulous and embrace your inner geek at the same time. 
Geek chic
I actually own those Sperry's, love them.

I bring all this up because I recently read a post that was hating on girls "pretending" to be into nerdy things. I'm sure there are some "fake" geeks out there but who cares? There's a lot of girls that pretend to be into sports just to impress a guy, I only became a Vikings fan for that exact reason but then I actually got into it. It's not hurting anyone and besides, maybe they do really enjoy it for all you know. 

Plus, deep down everyone is into something that someone else would consider lame. If you're better at video games then your boyfriend (like me) then props to you but don't sweat it if it's not your thing. Not everyone is into that and that's ok. Embrace who you are and what you love, geeky or not.  But if you are well...

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

What are you into that would be considered geek chic?


  1. Oh man I am desperate to play Sky Rim after finishing about half of the campaign before my Xbox harddrive started freaking out!

    You totally had me at hello with this post hahaha, following your blog now!

    1. I'm having total skyrim withdrawals, I haven't played in over a month since I need a better tv and the good ones in my boyfriends storage.. It's unfair!

  2. hahahahah that onesie kills me! I want a hello kitty onesie so badly.


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