Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Featured Sponsor: Wonderfully Sewn

Today's Featured Sponsor is Hannah and she blogs over at Wonderfully Sewn. She's cute, joyful, and definitely passionate about the things she believes in.

-Tell us a little about yourself.
Well first, my name is Hannah, and I spend my time blogging over at Wonderfully Sewn. A big motto that I live by is living my life out in joy. This year specifically was a toughie, and I knew I had to get through it. I love to find happiness in simple things, and absolutely love to laugh, especially when it's triggered by sarcasm. I'm also a Christian, former dancer, book nerd, and a HUGE people person. The main purpose of my blog is to encourage, uplift, and make my readers smile!

-What do you like most about living in Texas?
Ooh this is hard. I have to say the diversity. I live in Houston, and there are so many different cultures and nationalities. I love it.

-I read that you love tattoos, what would you like your first one to be?
I'd love to have script on the side of my foot that said "walk by faith", and some birds flying up the side of my back to symbolize my spontaneous and free spirit.

What is one thing you're really passionate about? Why?
I am very passionate about ending modern-day slavery, more specifically human trafficking. There are currently 27 million slaves worldwide, and there are 17,500 people trafficked into the US annually. It's a big problem, and the 2nd largest international crime. It's crazy, because it's not super duper known, yet it affects and damages the lives of SO many people. Don't hesitate to stop by my blog, or email me if you have questions!

Make sure to stop by and say hi to Hannah! 

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