Thursday, March 24, 2016

Friday Foxy Things

Happy Friday everyone! So excited to have a REAL Friday since I have the day off tomorrow, woohoo! I've been crushing hardcore on a whole bunch of stuff lately and since it's also payday, I may have to splurge just a little bit on some more decor for the house. Here is what I'm feeling lately...

I love all the art prints from Oh Gosh Cindy. I still want the Buffy one and the David Mitchell print but I couldn't resist this one from my favorite bad movie ever, The Room. If you haven't seen it... You have to. Trust me.

This shirt is coming to me soon in the mail and I'm going to wear it everyday. 

I'm already feeling the heat here in Vegas and this dress looks perfect to wear in the warmer weather with a sports bra.

+ Here's a great article on why I'm glad Cesar Milan is being investigated for animal cruelty charges. I have never been a supporter of his outdated training techniques.

+ Have you heard the great news? SeaWorld is finally ending it's orca breeding program! This is a great step in the right direction.

+ We finally bought a kitchen table! I love our little pub table from World Market. It was a little too tall for our space, however Johnny has skills and was able to cut the legs and make it shorter. Now it's perfect! Dining room table is next but now we don't have to eat on the couch!

+ Bohemian Bunnie is wearing the most beautiful dress!

+ These are the next plants about to go in my garden. I have a retaining wall along the brick fencing  so I need big plants that can actually be seen PLUS I'm trying to make the backyard look as green and English as I possibly can. These guys are gonna help me so much in attaining that goal.

+ I think these little Easter Egg Bud Vases are a really cute idea on decorating our mantel.

What have you been feeling lately?

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