Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nymeria: An Update

Nym is proving to be incredibly resilient. She had the drain removed a few days ago and the bandages on her paws were taken off. However, her paws were still in very bad shape. They are so painful for her that she can't walk well on them. So an additional treatment was added where she has to soak her feet in a special solution twice a day for 10 minutes. It's exactly as easy as it sounds but we make it work!

We are on day three of the foot treatment and she's been getting her meds for about a week now and there's a little more life in her that wasn't there before. She tries to follow me around despite her paws hurting, she wants to hang out and socialize! She still isn't showing much cooperation on wanting to meet the other dogs but she is getting along quite well with the cat which was surprising. It's the light in her eyes and the little tail wags that makes me the happiest, that's when you can tell that the healing process has really started. 

Nym's medical bill fundraiser has almost met it's goal, we are only $80 away! Please help us out with getting Nymeria healthy again! Whatever you can donate we are totally grateful for.

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