Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Garden

It's almost been a full month that I've been working at Best Friends and I can honestly say I love every minute of it.
I seriously have the best job in the world and I'm learning a lot.

I love my section in Dogtown Heights and I love the dogs even more.

I'm still getting use to daily life here in Utah so I really haven't had much to write about but I figured I would share a few snapshots of Dahlia and Porthos (above), two dogs in my area that I did a mini photoshoot with.

Dahlia is a hound mix that came to Best Friend's as an owner surrender. The owner had been using a shock collar on her that did far more damage then good. At Best Friends and in my own personal preference and experience, we never advise using extreme measures like shock collars. Instead we focus on positive training and reinforcements.

Because of the excessive shocking and abuse, Dahlia is extremely leash reactive towards other dogs even though she likes most dogs. She's currently spending time with a young Lab mix puppy named Porthos and they play quite happily together. Both are currently available for adoption.

Adopt Porthos here
Adopt Dahlia here

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