Monday, June 29, 2015

Get Locked in Love. Get Jaxed.

I've started doing some photography for a new rescue that I really like and respect called

They take on more medically challenging rescues and don't overwhelm themselves with animals so the ones under their care get as much attention, training, and care as they need. 
I love that. It's something that's hard to find in Vegas rescue.

Lock (above) is one of those medical dogs, he has heart defects and some allergy problems. While he is on medical hold for adoption (you can still send in applications if interested) and has to refrain from exercise... It hasn't put a damper on his spirit. 

Lock loves life.
Lock loves puppachinos from Dutch Bro's (which is my new fav coffee place)
Lock loves cuddling.
Lock loves exploring.
Lock loves car rides.
Lock loves you.
Lock is love.

Jax is another great guy from TCF that needs a foster or forever home.

His foster home fell through so he desperately needs a foster home asap.

Jax is one enthusiastic lively dude. He's just so much fun!

He's eager to please and picks up training on a dime. I had him primed for clicker training in the first ten minutes I spent with him. He loves water obsessively to the point that he would probably drown himself in a pool by swimming to death so he's on a training program to learn what moderation is. He would rather ride in the front seat next to you then in the back and loves to snuggle.

Both boys are neutered, up to date on vaccines, and micro-chipped.

I would appreciate anyone sharing these boys photos to help network them for wonderful homes.

Contact The Churchill Foundation for foster/adoption info and you can also follow them on Facebook!

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  1. All these two are such cuties! Hopefully they get homes soon :D


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