Saturday, April 30, 2016

Miss Porkchop

It's pouring non stop today so I figured I would do a short little post introducing my latest foster before I get back to my coffee and books. I'm making the most of this rainy day off!

Stassi went into boot camp with the rescue founder after we discovered her separation anxiety (and my torn carpet) and she's doing really well. Since we traded, I get this adorable derp face instead. She had a different name but we changed it asap since it was awful. Now we call her Miss Porkchop which fits her goofy personality. She's crate trained, potty trained (although the outside elements are testing that today), and great with other dogs. She's a little shy of men but she tolerates Johnny pretty well. I don't doubt she will get adopted quickly, being the great little dog she is. The sooner the better, we are getting filled up at the shelter as well as in the rescue so we can't take more until these littles find their homes!

How's your weekend going? The weather is crazy but I'm loving it!

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