Thursday, November 26, 2015


We are relaxing next to a roaring fire on the couch after a night with good food and even better company. I'm watching the All-Star Dog Rescue special which is even more fitting after the eventful day we had. Pulling out on the street to grab some forgotten groceries this morning, a small dog darted in the road and I immediately started hitting Johnny on the shoulder telling him to pull over. He knows this drill well enough. She almost slipped us a few times but the full credit goes to my boyfriend for sticking with her and cornering her in a neighbor's yard until I could get there. She was shaking and scared and responded to my advances with fear-biting. I threw a shirt over her head and picked her up and she immediately settled down.

After taking her home, I realized I had a little female Shih Tzu on my hands. On closer inspection, she was extremely dirty and covered with mats and feces. Taking in her lovely aroma of pee, I left her in our spare bathroom with a blanket and a bowl of water (she was quite thirsty after that run) and a small bowl of food. After coming back home with some new dog shampoo, she wagged her tail at me and crawled into my lap. Once she realized she was safe, she started to come out of her shell and even rolled over for us to rub her belly. I was able to bathe her and handle her with no incident and even cut out most of the bigger mats which she took all in stride. The picture on the left is when I first found her and the right one is after a bath. What a difference some shampoo makes! Now she has met the boys with no problem, bounced around the yard with them, had a good meal, and is curled up at my side as I write this.

It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving without saving a dog. I swear they know where to find me. I'll be taking her into my work tomorrow to scan her for a chip and luckily my rescue has already offered to sponsor her if an owner can't be located. She's a young and energetic thing, I have no doubt she will go quickly if someone's not looking for her.

This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for my supportive family and friends, my furry boys, the wonderful Churchill Foundation, and the new home I share with my love.  I'm thankful for my dearly departed Sinatra and my Grandpap, who reminded me that life is short and that love lasts forever. I'm thankful for the little dog finding us instead of getting hit by a car or starving in the street, cold and alone. I'm thankful for all the rescue dogs I've worked with and fostered that constantly bring joy, inspiration, compassion, and love into my life. I'm thankful for the readers that follow this blog and who motivate me every day to follow my passions and give me an outlet to do so.

Most of all I'm thankful for this guy who wouldn't have crawled under a car to trap a dog a few years ago but doesn't hesitate to help me now. He's a wonderful man and I'm lucky to call him mine.

We decided to call the little one Wishbone, seemed fitting considering today and we will foster her till she finds her owner/forever home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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