Friday, December 12, 2014

Goodbye Las Vegas

The good news has arrived.
I've gotten a position at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary working with dogs.
I'm moving to Utah at the end of December, right before New Years Eve.

This is my first time moving out of state, away from all my friends and family.
I'm nervous, stressed, sad, and excited.
The thing that makes it easier is that everyone is so supportive and I'll only be three hours away from Vegas so I can come back often and continue my photography business here.

Still, this is a huge change, a big city girl moving into the tiniest of towns.
It's worth it to be working a dream job that I know tons of people would kill to have.

Now fingers crossed I can find a place to live in two weeks, I've been struggling so prayers are welcome. I also hope you guys will stick with me and enjoy the ride to Utah and the adventures that comes with being a Best Friend's Dog Caregiver. 

It's going to be amazing.

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