Tuesday, December 2, 2014


(Grover & Nero)

My internship at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary officially wrapped up last week however I'm still here for one more week and then head home to Vegas on Saturday with hopefully some big news to share.

However I still have loads of pictures from my last two weeks as an intern, my second to last week was spent in Benton's which is a house for special needs and social cats.


While I'm mostly a dog and horse person, I do have a fondness for cats thanks to the everlasting impression my first cat Siamese (I named her when I was 4) had on me growing up. She loved me, let me put her in baskets, would knead on me when she felt safe, and always slept with me. Sinatra, the cat I have now, is the complete opposite of her but I love him just the same. So I do have quite the soft spot for long whiskers.


In Benton's I met TJ who was completely blind but got around just fine, Slidell who is completely paralyzed in her back legs but can still climb cat towers and doesn't let her backend slow her down. There was Aaron, the champion door dasher who has Manx related issues and Blackjack who loves to go on walks on a leash. 


Inspirational cats.
Jellicle cats.

All these cats are looking for forever homes,
find more info here.

Enjoy these fabulous felines.







The little cat above is also part of the 12 Cats of Christmas promo which you can find out more about here.


  1. I love seeing your photos on instagram! I'm more of a dog person but cat pictures are always cute :D

  2. As a cat person, these were right up my alley :)


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