Friday, December 19, 2014

NKLV Rescue Only

I was finally able to start working on my photo project from my internship once I got home.
Even though I'm moving, this is still something I plan on continuing whenever I'm back in town visiting.

The No-Kill Las Vegas movement is very important to me. 
Las Vegas will always be my home and I care about what happens here no matter how far I roam. 
That's why I started the NKLV Rescue Only photo campaign to bring awareness to how many animals die in the high kill shelter unless they are pulled for rescue, usually those that are saved are pulled from Rescue Only lists.  

Wilbur, the cockapoo dog photographed above, was on the RO list for dog aggression and dog bite wounds on his back. It's likely that he may have been used as a bait dog due to his wounds and fear of other dogs. He was pulled by a local rescue, fostered, became a foster fail and now lives in a forever home with other dog siblings. He came to his new home already house trained and obedience trained. 

Duffy was on the RO list due to a lame leg. He had to have surgery on it after pulled by another rescue which resulted in a stumpy leg but he was also a foster failure and lives in a home with other animals. Duff was also house trained and obedience trained when his foster/forever mom took him in.  He's also a purebred Pomeranian. 

Both dogs were at the high kill Animal Foundation.

Rescue dogs turn up in shelters for various reasons but are often put on the RO List/euthanized for reasons from shyness, old age, injuries, and mostly for lack of space. Most of the dogs are already trained and have home experience and many are purebred dogs. This is why spay and neuter laws are so important and why we try so hard to end puppy mills and backyard breeders. 

I would love for you guys to support this campaign by following on:

I also have links on my website with resources and advice on how to help Las Vegas go No-Kill.

If you plan on adding a new furry friend to your family this Christmas, do me one favor.
Please Adopt. Don't shop.

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