Friday, July 12, 2013

Nurture Photography Summer {Golden/Evening}

I just finished editing all my shoots and just in time to make this Nurture Photography prompt!


My last shoot was in the historical Woodlawn Cemetery, one of the oldest (and nicest) graveyards in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it's located in the heart of North Las Vegas which can be a very scary place. Luckily, the drive through a homeless shanty town was worth it to get these images.

You can see more from this session here. Truly check it out because I haven't even begun to show my favorite images from that shoot yet!


I'm biased but I swear we get the prettiest evening skies here, the sunsets are to die for. 


  1. Simply stunning! Such a beautiful tone and so different for the setting.

    - Danielle.

  2. Beautiful photos, I'm going to click over and have a look at more of the session! Love the light and the setting.

    The evening photos are beautiful too, love the silhouette of the plants and those gorgeous skies.

    Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

  3. I just love that last silhouette shot and the first photo as well. Heading over to check out the rest of the session.

    Thanks for sharing with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! Have a great day. :)


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