Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Lately....

This past week has been a trip.

>> I said goodbye to an old friend with his family and our friends. It was sad but at the same time, so much fun to be with all my old friends again. We all went out together afterwards to the bar we have been going to since we were underage. I'm not exaggerating when I say friendships were mended and memories were shared that night, I also found out other sad things about people I still care about that are unfortunately no longer in my social circle... But that's life. I'm glad that in the light of death and sadness, there was still laughter and goodness to come out of it.

>> The day after the memorial, my boyfriend decided to come and be here with me for a few weeks. He drove all night to show up on my doorstep early in the morning and it's nice to have him here with me for awhile after being apart for so long. We both needed to see each other, specially with everything that's happened. He's probably going to be hanging out till the 10th of August and then he will drive back up to Oregon  and wait for a week and a half till I fly out there for my birthday trip. I've been busting out all my Italian cooking now that I actually have someone around that appreciates it!

>> Monsoon season has hit Sin City. It's funny how crazy people get about the rain, my Facebook feed turns into the Weather Channel every time it even sprinkles. It has been nuts though, the first storm brough 75 mph winds and there were quite a few lightning fires, power outages, and ripped up trees. Driving through my friend's neighborhood, we saw a tree in a house and one had landed on a car. It was pretty crazy. The last few storms have been pretty tame in comparison and we just wait them out by doing this..

>> Horse head masks are the best thing ever.

>> Summer semester is over in five days!! Hooray! 
Unfortunately these last two semesters are going to really really really suck for me. This fall I'm taking Communications and Statistical Methods.... If you guys didn't know this already, I'm really terrible at math. Like extremely awful. The fact that I haven't taken a math class in over ten years makes it even worse. Which leads to my next bad school thing... My very last classes I need to take is my Capstone Course and my Math class. Only two classes before graduating right? So I have to study to take a placement test that will hopefully place me in the Math class I need... Otherwise I may have to take a lower level class to get into the actual credited class I need which means extending my graduation date to next Summer or Fall instead of Spring. Phew, so irritating! So even though I have a month off till Fall semester, I'll be spending it studying math for the placement test. 
You can cry for me, I appreciate your tears. 

So that's been my life lately. 
Fill me in on yours!

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  1. I'm always amazed at how funerals bring people together. I'm glad that you were able to mend some relationships, and it's so sweet that your BF came!

  2. I must confess, I go crazy when monsoon hits us here in the valley of the sun. Can't help it! Crazy weather makes people do crazy things!


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