Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {July 28}

Cool Colors
Kris and I recently visited Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden @ The Mirage... I hadn't been there since I was a little girl and it was nice to try out my camera at some up close and personal wildlife. I really love the color of this leopard and his contrasting spots. I'll have more from this day visit up soon!


Iced Beverage
Ever since Katie @ Skunkboy mentioned that she goes to this local place for Lavender Iced Coffee, I've been attempting to make my own. I made a second attempt today to make the lavender coffee syrup and should have the recipe up soon if it goes according to plan.

Cooling Off

Murderface loves playing in water, Jasper does not. However, they both like to stay cool and hydrated by eating ice cubes. 

I took this Raw image of the moon last week during the monsoon storms. It made for great cloudy night shots!

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  1. Love those cooling off shots! So cute.

  2. Seriously great shots for each of this week's word prompts.

  3. Wow, that raw image of the moon is gorgeous!

  4. Super set. Totally love the cool colors shot of the big cat.
    The moon shot was awesome too and both dogs looked happy with those ice cubes.

  5. Love these shots! Such a gorgeous picture of the moon :O


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