Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Before & After: Cloud Drama

I've been chained to my computer the past few days due to three different photo sessions I'm trying to edit. I was just working on a photo from my second session when I thought, maybe this process is something I should share with my readers.. Running a photography based blog and all. To me, personally, just taking a good photo with a nice camera is only half the work. I really get down and dirty when it comes to my editing process... I think any good photographer does some kind of editing, even if it's just removing one simple ugly blemish. I love retouching and exploring in photoshop with my photos even more then I like taking the pictures themselves sometimes! The moods I can create by running one simple action, it's powerful.

This is the photo I was working on. It's a little dark since she was sitting in the shade and notice how bland and boring the sky is. It could also use a little sharpening up. 



The biggest difference is the cloud overlay I used to add some drama to the sky. I used Yellow Sky Action's Cloud Overlay for this. I also did some light skin and eye retouching as well as using some filters to brighten her up. I would usually realign the horizon as well but I didn't want to chop her lower leg out of the picture by doing so, so I left it as is. 

I highly recommend to any starting photographer to invest in some retouching actions. It's the easiest way to really start making your photos pop. I adore Florabella Actions & Textures, it's pretty much my favorite. 

I can't wait to show you guys the rest of what I've been working on, I'll be showing you guys soon!!


  1. I love the editing you did on this photo! It still is similar to the original photo but it has the extra pizzazz.

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  3. Amazing! I love the cloud overlay.

    The problem with most actions is that you have to take similar SOOC images to get the looks. I have a bunch of Florabella actions but I can't get most of them to work with mine haha


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