Friday, April 26, 2013

Nurture Photography {Lilac/Flowers}

We had lilac's at the house I grew up in but there aren't any here unfortunately. However we do have plenty of flowers with lilac coloring.

Floral Love

If you love photo challenges, then come back tomorrow. I might have something you'll be interested in. You can get an idea from the post below.


  1. Wow.. your photos are absolutely stunning! I'm quite in a rut with my DSLR (Canon 1000D).. making me want to get a new one because I take crappy photos (although I'm pretty sure the problem's with me.) Any tips for a noobie photographer like me? :-)


  2. Absolutely love that first shot. Great captures for this week's Nurture Photography hop. Have an amazing weekend.

  3. Beautiful captured lilacs, Jessica! A lovely negative space and focus on the flower in the last picture!

  4. Amazing flowers! The first photo is my favorite or maybe its the third one. or maybe its hmmm? I can't decide.

  5. Pretty, pretty! Love that first shot! That color is so striking! Thanks so much for linking to our Nurture Photography Challenge this week!


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