Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Furry Soulmates

My pets are my life. Period. I prefer the company of animals over people even though I am a social butterfly. It doesn't make any sense I know but it's still true. My very first best friend was my Aunt's rough collie named Laddie. She lived with us when I was little hence Laddie spending all his time with me. Seriously the most patient dog I've ever met, he let me put toys on him and dress him up in sunglasses and Mickey Mouse ears. I would whisper secrets to him under the piano, which was our hideout. I always got him a special bone for Christmas. One day, I would like to get a collie of my own... When I can handle the crazy grooming and shedding.

Since then I have had a variety of pets but these are the ones making an impact on my life now.


I rescued Sinatra from a local animal shelter after I had moved into my own place with some friends. It was my first time living on my own and I felt weird not having a pet around. The family dog and cat had stayed with my grandparents so it was time to find my own pet. I wanted a siamese mix (since that's what we had adopted before) and I browsed the online website of adoptable animals, one caught my eye. When we went in and looked at the cats in person, the one I had liked online was meowing and reaching out of the cage with his paws, trying to get my attention. So I took him home. It was my friend Eva that gave him the name, we couldn't think of anything good but after thinking of things I loved, she brought up the name of Old Blue Eyes who I've always been a fan of. It totally fit. Sinatra is quite the character, he gets along great with dogs but has to be the dominant one of the house. He has no problem putting anyone in their place (example: he likes to bite us for no reason just to show he is displeased about something or he will also poop in the bathtub if he's mad) but other then that he's pretty nice. He's got a huge personality and likes to talk. 


This is my man, love of my life. He's around six years old, Border Collie mix. He's the only animal I haven't adopted, we (and by we I mean I made my ex get him for me) paid $75 bucks for him from some crazy lady in North Las Vegas. Worth it. I might have a bit of a favoritism towards this dog but he was my first puppy that was truly ever mine. I picked him out, trained him myself, loved him unconditionally. Ok, the name. My ex fiancĂ© and I named him Murderface after the Adult Swim cartoon Metaloclaypse. It's an adult cartoon about a heavy death metal band and it's pretty awesome. The bassist name in the show is Murderface. As we were living in an apartment on our own and I spent a lot of time there alone, we wanted the dog to have a tough name. Hence, Murderface. It's funny because he's the nicest dog you could ever meet and ridiculously smart. He knows words, all of his toys are named and if you say a name he will retrieve the right one. He also knows words like coffee (meaning he gets to go on a ride with you to the coffee shop) and the vet (so he hides) and walks (he goes nuts). He likes to go on adventures with me, we do a lot of hiking and exploring together. When my fiancĂ© and I split, it was really brutal. Murderface was my saving grace, he got me through some really rough times. 

I almost feel like a protective parent when it comes to him, when I first met Kris I was anxious for him to meet my dog. As he gets older, he has gotten really talkative. Sometime's it's pretty obnoxious but if you don't like my dog then we can't date. Luckily, Kris likes him (although sometimes he needs a break) and his dog Koko and mine get along so well. Because of Koko, Murderface finally got over his fear of deep water (he loves playing in water but would never swim unlike Koko who might be part beaver) and finally learned to swim. 

I have so many photos of my dog and I could go on all day about how much better he is then anyone else but I'll keep my bias to myself. 


My little man! Jasper is an Italian Greyhound, allegedly around 7. Kris and I found him at an animal shelter and were smitten by him leaping behind his cage to make eye contact with us. He's proved to be an excellent companion for Koko and Murderface and even my cat tolerates his quickness. He's a total sweetheart and likes to cuddle and give kisses even with stinky breath. He likes to burrow under the covers and for a little dog he has some heavy dead weight if he doesn't want to be moved. He hates the vacuum and tries to attack it if it's running. If it's raining, he refuses to go outside. It can be quite the ordeal. And man, can he run and jump. You have to be careful when opening doors because he will take off on some grand adventure. Since Kris lives in an unfenced middle of nowhere forest in oregon right now, Jasper stayed behind with me. Seemed safer and he seems pretty happy here.

I'm linking up with Paws to Claws today, share your pet stories and show off the furry friends you love with the link below.

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  1. I love your babies! I always feel instantly connected to anyone who loves their pets like I do. I used to live in Las Vegas (although I'm not from there), and my husband still works there! Sometimes I miss it...and sometimes I don't...
    So glad I found your sweet blog! :)


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