Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {Prince Edition}

Happy Sunday! I had a fantastic weekend between seeing Prince live (finally!), introducing Fox Five Photo Challenge, and celebrating my BFF's birthday! Yesterday I tried to clean my camera and realized, after somehow getting a hair in the viewfinder, that I'm going to have to get my camera cleaned by a professional. I'm planning on dropping it off Monday and hopefully getting it back before the weekend when I have shoots and challenges to complete! Luckily I got this week's prompts down before the irritating hair and dust particles invaded my camera insides.

I got my new tripod and had to try it out, it's so much better then my last one! I literally rolled out of bed  (hence my walking backside) and took this in my backyard on the fly.

Yummy to my Tummy
My favorite pizza from Trader Joes! It's my favorite, it has roasted red peppers and an oil you drizzle over it after it's baked.

Favorite Toy
My laptop is my all time favorite toy! I took this in my new light box that I made myself, I found the tutorial on Pinterest and I'll be sharing that with you soon. 

What I Did This Week
I still can't believe I saw Prince live in concert! It was hands down the best show I've ever seen. Cameras weren't allowed and even these I had to be sneaky about so android phone photos were the best I could do. He played for an hour and a half with new stuff, closed the curtains for 3 mins, then came back and had a HUGE dance party with all his old hits for another half hour. It was pure joy to be in the presence of him singing Purple Rain, you have no idea. The man is amazing and it was worth every penny to finally be able to say "I saw Prince in concert." So much fun!

I'm shooting my first horse show this upcoming Saturday. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!

If you love photo challenges, then make sure you check out the new photo challenge I'm hosting every Saturday!
The more the merrier!


  1. I remember listening to Prince. It sounds like a great show. I will check out your photo saturday thing.

    1. Yes please do! I hope you join up with us next Saturday!

  2. Great shots, Jessica - love the concert photos! Our local Fox channel is "Fox Five" LOL!

  3. Following you on bloglovin. Thanks for joing La-la link party :)

    xoxo! Cheryl

  4. That pizza looks so good! Love your laptop decal, too!

  5. Outstanding job with each of these shots - perfect choices for the hunt to boot. Well done on getting to see your fav, Prince.

  6. Prince is an incredible musician. Sometimes I wonder how other pop stars actually get there and realize it's marketing, not talent. Not the case with him. You and I both went for delicious pizza-I'll have to check out TJ. Good luck with the horse show. I bet you'll do fine.

    1. So true, he is the most ridiculously talented musician I've ever seen. Thanks for the good luck, I think I'm gonna need it to tone down my nerves that day!

  7. Great set. That Pizza looks and sounded delicious.
    Your walking shot was really nice.
    Congrats on the Prince concert. While I'm not a fan of his music I can appreciate how fun and exciting attending a concert of your favorite musician or artist can be. I'm more a Rock fan and have seen the Eagles and Moody Blues in concert several times. So happy you had a great experience.
    Good luck with the horse shoot, I liked your photo.


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