Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Light Box Tutorial

I recently found this tutorial on Pinterest and I had to try it for myself. You know this crisp professional images you see that always have that beautiful white background? This is how you achieve those photos.

I didn't take pictures of the step by step process since I'm linking to the original post. However, I will show you my finished light box.

Honestly it's so easy to make and it only took me around 15-20 minutes! You gotta love a super quick craft! All you need is a cardboard box, some scissors, white tissue paper, and a white posterboard that's the width length of the box. I also realized that I don't know how I ever passed kindergarten since my scissor skills are subpar. How can cutting in a straight line be so difficult? 

Curious how my photos have been turning out since I've made this amazing thing?
You'll find out when you check back on Saturday and link up to my Fox Five Photo Challenge!

Mocha Fox

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  1. Awesome tutorial! Can't wait to see the photos!



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