Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why I Love Beards

"A man who can grow a beard is the kinda man you want to be with because a man who has the patience to grow a beard, has the patience to deal with your shit." -Unknown Source

I can't help it, I'm totally part of the beard loving community. Maybe not to the extremity that Ke$ha is but I love them. I like the whisker feeling during kisses. I like the lumberjack daydreams it inspires, think Will Ferrell's dream sequence with the therapist from Step-Brothers. When Kris started growing out his beard for the first time, I was secretly pleased. The length of time he let's that sucker grow gets longer and longer and now that he's in Oregon, it's just out of control. 

See, totally out of control. I don't know when I started appreciating beards. Kris is the first guy I've been with that's even capable of growing facial hair beyond scruff. Not saying I mind scruff, I love that rough around the edges look. Two of my favorite british men, Robert Pattinson & Richard Armitage pull it off nicely.

Oh god. So hot. Specially Richard as Mr. Thornton from North & South. Mmmmm. But I digress.

My friends have always made fun of me for being into the dirty grungy guy. But does a beard or scruffy stubble really count as grungy? I don't think so! I think it's the equivalent to that girl style of looking like you just woke up, teasing hair for a little bed head look with smudged make-up... Sometimes it's really sexy! Unless it's day three of looking like a raccoon... Maybe then you should probably wash your face and take a shower. 

I know I'm part of the whole hipster band wagon so I'm culturally prone towards the shaggy lumberjack look. But there's another reason to embrace the beard and it has to do with spicing things up. I love the way Kris looks with his beard and he will let it grow for months. However, when he finally shaves? Holy shit. He looks completely different, younger and fresh face. I always kind of forget what he looks like clean shaven till he does it and it's almost like being with a different person for awhile. It's hot. 

If you're looking for a future gift for your bearded significant other, let me show you this. 

WildRoseHerbs is an Etsy shop that sells skin care products and aromatherapy items. They carry this great line called Wild Man, which is a bunch of beard and shaving products. I gifted the above beard wash and conditioner to Kris as one of his stocking stuffers for Christmas. I got the Original scent since I wasn't too sure what the different smells were like and what he would want, so I played it safe. He loves this stuff. He loves the scent and it actually makes his beard softer and more manageable. Wild Man has all sorts of products from shampoo/conditioner to styling wax. All for beards. I highly recommend it. 

Also, there is a blog dedicated to ladies that love beards. It's called Girls Who Love Beards Club and it's just tons of pictures of attractive men with beards. You're welcome.

So do you love or hate the beard? 
Would you be willing to let your dude grow one out?
Admit it, you have a sexy lumberjack fantasy...  


  1. I personally am not a huge beard fan, they feel funny and it just looks weird. I prefer clean shaven. Saying that though I do like Robert Patterson with his stubble... that looks sexy. It's kind of like the 'Roll-out-of-bed-in-the-morning' Look <3

    Kateez | Beauty, Style & Life Blog

    1. Stubble is super sexy. Sometimes you can only take so much of that rough feeling though, kissing a guy with stubble sometimes gives me that razor burn feeling!


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