Monday, April 15, 2013

The Printed Palette

So I FINALLY got a shutter remote for my fickle Nikon D3100. It is absolutely my new favorite thing. If any of you have a D3100 you know that it's not the easiest camera to find accessories for. Luckily, while shopping for a replacement tripod (since the crappy one I had broke on me) and camera bag, I stumbled across this shutter remote and it was on sale and meant to be. Do you know how much easier it is to take gratuitous pictures of yourself with the help of a remote instead of running back and forth between pressing the camera button and then having a few seconds to look cute effortlessly?

To test out this new baby and see what it could do, I took it outside and decided to do a little mini shoot with the new shirt I had received in the mail the same day. 

I ordered this pink baseball tee from The Printed Palette. I loooooove all of their stuff. It's totally my beachy hipster style. I'm short and tiny so the size small fit me perfectly and the shirt was long which I prefer. The sleeves were also just right. I have my eye on a few more of their things like the anchor hoodie, but since it's warming up here I'm going to wait on that. If you visit Olive & Ivy, they have a promo code to use on the Printed Palette's Etsy shop! It's not just for women, they have stuff for men, babies, kids, and even stuff for the home! 

Beanie: Zumiez

So all in all, I was very pleased with my purchases. 

What would you get from The Printed Palette?
Have you had issues finding accessories for your camera?
You can all start calling me Khaleesi now...


  1. this is so so cute! I want that shirt even more now haha. and thanks so much for linking back to my post!

    1. No problem, it is really cute! I love it a lot!

  2. You totally rocked this self-portrait session. Do you think if I get a cute top, and a remote I could possibly make my old self look as cute? kidding - just kidding. You have some adorable and very artistic pictures here. Well done and congratulations on your camera accessory.

    1. I think a shutter remote can make anyone look great in a selfie! ;p


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