Saturday, April 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {April 21}

So my grandpa's retirement party was Thursday (after 44 years of teaching!) and it was a blast. Papa had a great time and I was so honored and proud to have him as my grandfather. I brought my camera with me, thinking I would capture my own memories and also fulfill the Gathering and Family prompts for the Scavenger Hunt. It wasn't until after I had gotten there that I realized I had forgotten to put the battery back in the camera after charging it. =/ 

So that obviously didn't work out. There were professional photos being taken there but I'm not sure how long it will take till we get to see them. So I might have to cheat a little (apologies before hand because it's not my favorite thing to do) by throwing in an Instagram pic or two.

Happiness is a warm puppy..

Spring in Black & White

My Instagram cheat. Papa and I after the retirement party. We later all went out to dinner with family and a few special students and had a really good time.

This was my fancy rat Pumpkin. She passed away not too long ago. I miss her a lot. I featured this photo before on my old blog and figured I would revive it here.

A second fuzzy photo. I'm going to be shooting my first horse show in the beginning of May at the barn I ride at. I've never shot a horse show before so I've been going out to the barn (and will be there again tomorrow) to practice and test different lenses and light and see what works. I snapped this pic of North on the quick while in between breaks.

Another one from today (or yesterday if it's already Sunday in your neck of the woods) during one of the group riding lessons.

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and make sure to link up below.


  1. Wonderful shots. You even managed to make a rat look good!

  2. I like the pic of you and your grandfather. You are a very attractive woman. Although, I don't really like rats (I was bit by one in the face when I was 11)I'm sorry to hear about the passing of yours. I'm Jennice visiting from #SITSsharefest

  3. Wonderful shots, Congrats to your grandfather.
    Linked from Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  4. 44 years of teaching! Wow a huge congratulations and thanks to him!
    Great set!

  5. Congratulations to your grandfather for many years of service. Not a rat fan, but your fancy rat was a beaut. Nicely done all around.

  6. What a great set!
    Congratulations to your grandpa for 44 years of teaching!

  7. Many congrats to your Grandpa - 44 years is a remarkable accomplishment in teaching and a wonderful dedication to his field.
    Loved your spring this week and your image of Pumpkin is a lovely tribute!

  8. Very nice set.
    Your Spring in BW was lovely.
    You and your grandpaw look so sweet together.
    Your rat was very sweet looking. What kind of a rat was she? I've never seen one like her before.
    Oh the puppy was cute as well.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Pumpkin was a medium fancy rat.

  9. how fabulous to experience your grandfather's retirement - I work in education, but certainly will never get close to the number of years he worked in one field. The "gathering" of children is stunning. Certainly a story teller!

  10. Love your shots! You're a great photographer. I had a pet rat too but we had to leave her behind when we left Hawaii. I don't think people realize how awesome/smart rats are. I would leave her cage open and she'd run all around our apartment, but return to her cage to poop.

    1. They are really smart, I've had a few rats and they were all sweet and had their different personalities. When I worked at an animal hospital, there was a woman who would bring them in and had taught them to come when they were called and how to high five and stuff.

  11. Happiness IS a warm puppy! And it's a great photo too!


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