Friday, April 19, 2013

Monthly Playlist {April}

On my old blog I would post playlists every now and then of music I was really vibing with that month. I thought I might pick back up on that over here. I like to think I have awesome taste in music so.....

April Playlist

I'm really digging the new album, it's so different from what I expected. I love this music video.
This song... Totally obsessed.
Still not sick of this song yet.
I'm more into the video then the song itself. It's so cool and trippy. 
Beautiful mellow song and amazing video to go with it that brings back pure nostalgia. 
This is my favorite Imagine Dragons song. So proud they came from Vegas. 
Because Luke can do no wrong. Love him. 
One of my favs off their new album, seriously so many of my favorite artists just came out with some solid new albums. It's fantastic. 
As I'm finally seeing the living legend (and one of my idols) live next week, I had to put one of the new songs he dropped on here. 

What songs can you not get enough of lately?

P.S. Today I'll be attending the retirement party of my dearest Papa, after 40+ YEARS of teaching at UNLV he is finally throwing in the towel. I'm sure I'll have pictures to share later. Congrats Papa!

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