Monday, April 22, 2013

Secret Single Behavior

I was recently watching an old episode of Sex & the City when Aiden was moving into Carrie's apartment and she was majorly stressing about not having the privacy that she use to have. The girls chatted around the table, discussing the "secret single things" they liked to do that men would never understand, hence the secrecy. Examples would be Charlotte studying pores in a magnifier and Miranda loved watching infomercials while soaking her hands in vaseline gloves. 

I never thought I had any weird behaviors that would count as something I would have kept on the downlow in a relationship. I pretty much do everything in front of Kris or that he knows about. But now that he's been gone for almost a month, I have noticed there are some things I do really enjoy by myself without him thinking I'm a weirdo.

1. I think my number one activity would be sitting down on my bed with the tv on (I enjoy television as white noise while I work or I'm doing things), reading trashy magazines or Cosmo while eating a bag of flaming hot Cheetos with a tall mexican coca-cola in a glass bottle. It's way more enjoyable doing this alone. By the way, I have yet to express exactly how addicted I am to any hot chips. It started in elementary school when you could buy Andy Capps Hot Fries at the snack shack after lunch and I bought a bag every day. It escalated in high school when I would eat them during classes or after school. And now with the variety of flaming hot chips, man, makes me a happy girl.

They need to bring these back pronto.

2. This isn't so much of a single behavior as a stress reliever. When I was a young angsty teenager, my temper would flare on a whim. I inherited this lovely trait from my mother and I'm much better at controlling it these days. Anyways, back then I would get so worked up and argumentative and I remember once talking to my mom in my frustration and she told me that whenever she was pissed off, she took a very hot bubble bath. I took her advice and I've been doing it ever since. And it works! I always feel a lot better after a ridiculously hot bubble bath. Sometimes I can take multiple baths a day depending on what's going on in my life! A few candles, a good book, something delicious to drink. Perfect. 

My idea of a good time.  Source.

3. I like to watch British shows on my laptop by myself because my boyfriend doesn't understand british humor or my british obsession. He accepts it and has even surprised me with british things for holidays and such but he will never get it and that's ok.

Jon Richardson from 8 out of 10 Cats gets it. 

4. I'm obsessed with real-life crime dramas. I could watch them for hours. For the past week I discovered the show Criminal Minds and have been non-stop watching it. Now Kris and I are really into The First 48 and watch it all the time but he can't go on these crime sprees as long as I can.  Also, I have a very very secret behavior of watching everything on Bravo. That's pretty much all I watch now that Kris is gone, which is awesome. 

5. I like to eat cheese. Any kind of cheese. Shredded in a bowl, slices from a package. Fancy cheese from Whole Foods. Sometimes it's nice to eat a delicious piece of cheese in the bath tub, on the couch, in the car. God, I really love cheese.

Now I'm hungry and I'm gonna have to go make some Mac & Cheese. Source

Now since Kris is in another state, I've easily started doing more of these things with little to no shame. Especially with the hot cheetos, I have been working out regularly again so it's allowed right? When he's back, I'm sure it will become a private affair once more. But that's not a bad thing. Just like we need girl night/guy night, we need to all have our own little time and space to do our own thing and enjoy those things we love to do without criticism. 

There were some awesome secret behaviors people admitted to on HelloGiggles that I might have to participate in myself. 

So, what secret single behavior do you indulge in? 
Do you think your significant other would give you a weird look if he knew?


  1. I've been married for almost nine years and I STILL have single behaviors lol. Hubs has seen them...but they are things I don't like to do in front of him.

    1. Work out videos... No one wants to be studied and critiqued while Jillian Micheal is yelling at them!

    2. ...I also study my pores in the mirror. lol

    3. Trashy tv. Bridezillas, Yes to the Dress, and anything Lifetime. Men just don't understand!

    Love your post! :)

    1. I totally get number 3, men don't understand good dramatic girly tv.

  2. Oh, and I found your through Meg's Monday Mingle. :)


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