Monday, August 5, 2013

London & Lace

This is obviously a pre-bangs post. Since my beloved shutter remote died (and my new one still isn't here yet!) I had Kris help me out when he was here. It was a bit of a struggle since he needed some basic photographer 101 training but I'm pretty proud of how well he did!

I stumbled across TOBI awhile back and was drawn in by so many amazing pieces that I just had to own. Usually I never ever ever buy shorts or pants online because it's very rare that they work out for me. However, drawn by the 50% discount off my first order, I decided to take a risk. I loved the look of these peach tie dye lace shorts and when I got them in the mail... I was so pleasantly surprised!

They were a perfect fit! I loved how they looked and how comfortable they were! I can't get over the lace detail on the sides which gives it a little something special and the color is fantastic! I've never had peach colored shorts before! I'm hooked for life on this store now.

I picked up this hooded tee because hello.... Anything with London on it I have to have. It's extremely comfortable, really soft on the inside and will be much more comfortable to wear when it starts cooling off. 

Hooded Tee: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: TOBI
Bracelet: Unknown

As you can see I'm obviously starting to lean towards fall clothing items. I love summer but I'm soooooo ready for fall. I even went downtown the other night in a thin long sleeve. It was paired with shorts of course! It's still way too hot to not show some skin. I love pairing opposite seasonal clothing together... Tanks with jeans, hoodies with shorts. I'm always comfortable!

New customers at TOBI get 50% off their first order and all new items are always 30% off so snatch up that item you've been lusting over!

*This is not a sponsored post. I was not provided anything, all items paid for out of my own pocket.


  1. I love your shorts! They are so cute! I'm definitely going to go check the site out if they have that much of a discount!! | Beauty, Lifestyle & UK Blog

  2. Loving those shorts!
    New follower here :)

    -Allie @ LunaVida


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