Saturday, August 3, 2013


So if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that this happened yesterday...

I got bangs y'all! Like, actual thick bangs that aren't whispy and ridiculous!

At first I wasn't sure I liked them but they are really growing on me and I got quite a few compliments last night.

Best part?

For some reason they make me feel like I look British. So that's a win.

What hairstyles are you loving?
Would you ever take a crazy hair risk?


  1. That hair is bangin'!
    excuse the pun, it was too hard to resist!

  2. So cute! The last few years I've been doing side bangs that are a bit longer and layered. Love them!

  3. OOH SO MUCH LOVE. You must take more pictures soon!! :3

    I love bangs but not on myself. I'm thinking of getting some layers but it's just too scary for me hahah


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