Monday, January 18, 2016

HeARTs Speak

2016 is being very good to me. I'm a few weeks into my new job at the Animal Foundation and it already feels like I've been there forever. I love being an Adoption Counselor. My days just fly by because I'm always so busy. Giving advice to possible adopters, ferreting out information to make sure our animals are going to a good home, doing meet and greets to make sure that the dogs get along and it's a good fit. Basically all the stuff I was doing before for rescue but now I get paid for it. It's awesome.

I also finally got a response back from HeARTs Speak and I've been accepted as an Artist Member. I'm only the second photographer listed in Nevada so this is huge to me. HeARTs Speak is such an amazing organization and I'm honored to be a part of it and perhaps get some new opportunities to save even more lives.

Phoebe got to be my first HS portrait. She's a 16 yr old special needs Pomeranian who is being lovingly cared for in a hospice foster home. Even if she never gets adopted, she already has a wonderful forever home.

I also have a new foster pup! Iggy went into a trial home... With my Aunt & Uncle! It was such a good fit with the other dogs that none of us doubt it will be made official once the trial is up. That leaves room in my house for a new foster and Farley is such a sweet little thing. Beagle/Basset Hound/Pit is the estimated breed and we think about 3 yrs of age even though he acts like a baby. Once he is neutered and cleared medically (he has some skin issues we are dealing with), he will be ready for a new home!

I'm really starting to love my life, finally doing everything that I love to do!

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