Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Dress for a Date

I can already hear all of your gasps of surprise.
"She went out on a date?"
"But she hasn't even been single for a whole month.."
"I thought she loved Kris..."

Hold on to your horses people.
There is a story here and not one I'm quite ready or willing to disclose.
I do still miss and love Kris. Always will. 
But I'm also not dead and...
This was more of a group thing to celebrate a close friend's belated birthday.

With that in mind.
I recently went out to Gordon Ramsey's Pub & Grill
Which was delicious by the way.
But as Shark Week was surfacing, I was having a difficult decision in figuring out what to wear...
I literally tore my closet to shreds, it was one of those moments.
Luckily I stumbled across this dress in the very back of closet that I had only worn once before to a Mormon wedding.

I threw on the dress along with one of my favorite metal magnetic bracelets and my all time favorite hair bow...
And I was ready to go!

My favorite thing about this dress is that it has some lift to it... 
So while I still kept my figure around the waist, my bloated tummy was hidden. 
It also fits me a lot better now.
Win win for everyone!

I love this necklace I recently picked up.
I don't usually like gold but it was a fox...
So obviously I had to have it and made an exception.

Dress: Forever 21 (no longer made)
Shoes: Not sure
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Hair Bow: Not sure

I also realize this is one of the first times I've photographed myself with my bangs.
Which I adore and love.
I can't wait for the weather to start cooling off so I can trade in my bows and headbands for beanies.

What's your favorite old piece of clothing that you recently rediscovered?

*This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own. 


  1. You look wonderful, that dress fits you perfectly. <3

  2. That is an absolutely wonderful dress. Lovely.


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