Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lime Kiln State Park

I know I've been pretty delayed on photos from my trip but I finally got down and dirty and edited a whole bunch.

I flew to Seattle (after partying hard with my friends since I wouldn't be home to celebrate my birthday) where Kris picked up myself and my hangover before driving an hour away to catch a ferry. Another few hours before we boarded the ferry, another hour to cross, and then we were in beautiful Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

I loved San Juan Island.
Loved it.
I'm not a big seafood person but that's literally all I ate while I was there.
The first night I had the most amazing seafood pasta at Blue Water Bar & Grill.
If you ever go visit the Island, you have to eat there.
I also had the best Fried Scallops (I have a huge thing for scallops) at Friday Crabhouse which is right next door to Blue Water!

We stayed at the Orca Inn which is pretty much the only place you can find to stay at that's under $100 a night. 
It was small but very clean and perfect for what we needed. 

I did so much hiking while I was there. 
When we weren't doing the kayaking trip... We were hiking.
I saw wildlife every day.
Black tailed deer were everywhere, there's no way you can travel the island and not see one.
We also saw porpoises from Lime Kiln Lookout, seals, chipmunks, snakes, and even some foxes from far away!
We also caught frogs near a pond in Lime Kiln!

I loved walking around Friday Harbor when we weren't exploring forests. 
I also couldn't get over just how NICE everyone was.
So unlike Vegas. Must be something about living on an Island...

This is just a small taste of my experience on the island.
More coming soon.


  1. That deer and its butt! Heh. Love the photos! xo

  2. These are beautiful photos. I love them! I am so jealous of your time there :) | Beauty, Lifestyle & UK Blog

  3. You take some pretty amazing shots! I love how each photograph is so unique from one another. And I also hope you're feeling much better! (Read your other post)

    Btw thanks for joining the Blog Hop! Hope you're having fun! :D
    -Your Co-host, Lynn @ MakeupWithTea

  4. Truly beautiful photos! Really inspiring!


  5. Your pictures are always as beautiful!



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