Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blogtember - Only Photos aka "Sometimes I Model"

I'm jumping into the middle of Blogtember because 
A. I like to live vicariously on the edge and..
B. My life revolves around photos.

I'm taking a deep breath and showing you guys something I wasn't sure I would ever share...
As a photographer I sometimes help out other fellow photogs by being their muse.
A few months ago I modeled for a boudoir shoot.
The following images are indeed... The sexier side of me.


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the lingerie. Did you pick it out or was it provided?

    1. I picked it out! Sale at Fredericks of Hollywood helped me out haha.

  2. Love them! Love the red lingerie. I'd love to work as a model for shoots like these - I just know I'd have such a blast.

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I wish I was brave enough to do something like this. You're beautiful!


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