Friday, September 20, 2013

Old Friends.

I got to hang out with this super Champion dude last night. He's an old friend from high school that I had Foods class with and was one of the guys in our Prom group... Years have passed but the friendship has never changed.

He's still the same completely insane guy I've always known which is great because...
You might recognize him from this.

Stefan, my old friend, is part of the KriStef Brothers which recently competed on America's Got Talent.
Unfortunately they were eliminated from the Finals but they are going on tour soon.
I got to catch up with him while he was briefly in town before starting tour... 
Heard some crazy stories and what the act would have been if they made it to finals..
You guys missed out if you didn't vote!

I'm incredibly proud of him though. 
Stefan was made for fame and it hasn't gone to his head at all.
He's still the exact same crazy and outrageous dude I've known since high school.
I'm always so happy to see my friends do what they love and make something of themselves.
Though it is weird to see him made into gifs and have a fandom on Tumblr.

Make sure to catch them when they come to a city near you (they are basically traveling all over the USA in October), you really don't want to miss them!
You can find their touring schedule and book tickets here.


  1. its so nice getting to catch up with old friends! Glad you're friend didn't get 'too big' for friends, I think a lot of times a bit of fame goes straight to people's heads, ahha.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I love him!!! And his curly haired partner :P I was so sad when they didn't make it... I didn't want to watch the rest of the show. I'm pretty bummed that Taylor didn't win... Might not be watching the show next year, but I will be looking out for these guys to see if they come my way :)


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