Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Wishes #1

I've been a little MIA for obvious reasons. We all need to take breaks every now and then... Between the break up, starting school, and getting back into a schedule after traveling... Blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Not to mention I spent Friday through Saturday at the hospital with a close friend who was extremely sick... on his birthday no less!

So between not knowing where to even start on a blog post and all that, linking up for Weekly Wishes for the first time seemed very appealing. 

Weekly Wishes #1

- Finish editing pictures from the trip. I'm not even half way done with these. The last thing I've wanted to do is sit down in front of my laptop and edit away when really I just want to go out and be with my friends. However, in between homework, I'm sure it will be a good distraction. 

- Try to be positive about my classes. I'm only taking two classes this semester (since the last two classes I need to take to graduate I can't take yet) but these classes suck. Like really bad. It's funny that I use to be a Theater Major and love to act and sing but I hate public speaking. HATE IT. But I had to take Com 101 as required. I also had to take Statistical Methods and I'm awful at math. Truly awful. It's only been one week into the semester and I'm already ready to be done with it. I'm trying to remain positive about these classes I hate in an effort to do well and get through it as quickly as possible. Luckily the Statistics class is only an 8 week hybrid course and I'll be done with it in October so fingers crossed.

- Get inspired. I need to line up some photo shoots and get back into what I love to keep my mind clear. I want to get inspired and come up with some creative ideas. I also want to come up with some personal creativity for self portraits and such.... To feel better about myself and such. And I also need to get amped on blogging again, come up with some good content to make up for the time I've been away.

- Get my head on straight. I know this will take longer than a week but I'm having a lot of mixed emotions about Kris and one of my friends among other things. I just want to get focused and sort some things out before I can feel good about choices I want to make. 

- Drink lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I found out last week that Pumpkin Spice was back at Starbucks and nothing puts me in a better mood like good old PSL's!

What are you weekly wishes? Don't forget to link up by clicking the button above!


  1. Welcome to the club! This link up has really helped me stay super positive and look at all the good things in life and I know it will help you! I'm a communications major so if you ever need any tips or help for your public speaking class just let me know! Hope you accomplish all your goals for the week :)!

    1. Oh yes! I will def hit you up for help.... How lucky for me that you came across my Wishes!!

  2. Glad to have you for the link up.
    Hope you love it, and the community it creates as much as I do.
    I'm excited to see what you have coming up in terms of trip photos.
    sorry, I'm new here... where were you!?

  3. Its nice to just take a step back from everything and remember to breathe.
    Good Luck with your classes, being from the UK I've never heard of them but they sound...lovely!!
    I'm also going back to Uni next week to start my top and I want to do really well when I graduate!
    My lecturer tells me I only need to commit to study 2 hours a day... suits me!
    Can't wait to see your photos when you get a chance to upload them.
    Remember to keep smiling and breathe..
    :) Oh and welcome to the community! :) x

  4. hey! this is really a nice picture at the top! did you make it yourself? :) I'm loving it! :)
    And yeah. I know how you feel. I do hate public speaking as well, but somehow acting was quite easy to do!
    and classes.. gosh. when some of them really sucks - no good at all!
    but be positive! be strong! :) eventually all will be just fine!
    good luck with all that!

  5. hopefully the public speaking thing will get easier. I was a theatre major in Uni too! It is how I met my husband. Keep up the positivity and look forward to seeing how it has gone next week on your next Weekly Wishes post! Cheers, B.

  6. Keep your chin up, girl! Look past now and into the future and what all of these things mean for you. The universe has a funny way of leading us down the right path. Sounds like, even though you feel like you're drowning, you're still getting enough air. :) Take it one day (wave) at a time, and keep your eye on the prize (shore).

    xo Ashley

  7. everyone needs a little break from blogging now and again. i just got back from one too. try to stay positive about your classes, they wont last forever! and then you can finish up and graduate :)

  8. Hopefully you'll feel better emotionally soon! All the best!


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