Monday, May 27, 2013

An unmemorable Memorial Day.

This was not exactly how I expected my Memorial Day to go. I've noticed that as my friends and I get older, we don't do as much as we use to. The summer of 2010 was the best of my life despite the fact that it lead to the end of my engagement/wedding because we did something every single day. BBQ's and pool parties, there was always something going on. Today, being lonely without my significant other, I desperately hit up my friends because someone MUST be bbqing somewhere... It's Memorial Day after all! However, it seems everyone is just being lazy with their boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives. 

That's nice for them, sucks for me. I didn't really realize till today that I don't have many single friends these days. Singles tend to be more up for anything and while I'm not single... It would be nice to have more friends available for these lonely moments when I'm wishing that I could just be lazy with Kris. Instead, I swam and got my tan on by myself. I ordered a pizza... for myself. I think I'm going a little stir-crazy spending all this time alone. Granted, I did hang out with some people Saturday night but I'm going on long stretches of days without my friends and I'm not the kind of person that can be a hermit forever.

So, dear blog friends, I see your bbq posts today and I'm jealous! I wish I could party with you guys!

If only I could at least be doing this today...

I actually miss my parent's place. I miss Gunnar and my mom's horses, Dakota (above) and Stealth. Even though it is awkward being an english rider on a western horse... At least I could do what I loved every day... Ride. I'm overdue for a lesson at the barn since I've been back.

I only have a week left for myself before 2 months of summer school start, only 4 more classes to go before graduation once it's done! I have tons of books to catch up on, including the ones I need to read for my book club, but it's so hard to read when it's so warm and sunny outside! I need sangria and conversation people!

Even though mine isn't going as planned, I hope you all enjoy your holiday. My Veteran grandpa and my dearly departed cousin, who was in the Marines, are absolutely in my thoughts today.

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